Sunday, September 14, 2008

Garfield Katasse's Famous Alaska Fried Bread

New dates for sale

Garfield Katasse's Famous Alaska FryBread will be at Gold Medal Basketball
64th Tournament Gold Medal Basketball Official site -- March -21-27, 2010

Indian Tacos, fried bread, sockeye salmon taco

Call me at 907-635-4499 or email me for orders at

I have started to sell ready made fried bread
dough--(enough dough to make 10 fried bread and it goes for
$10.00 per bag

There are instruction how to cook and freeze it for future

NOTE: I make fried bread dough for 40 day parties---no
charge---you make the fried bread yourself and supply the
flour---must notify me ahead of time---no last minute order

I'm also Promoting Tlingit Artist Jesse Cooday's Movie idea "Geronimo Wars in three Parts." A blade Runner type of Movie where the World forms a alliance. It will have a cast of thousands from all Nations! I get to serve my frybread on the set if it happens!